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Hi, my name is Lagomorpha. I’m producing electronic music since the late 1990s. My style is somewhere between Synthwave, Ambient Techno and Trance and my music is influenced by artists like Paul van Dyk, BT, Paul Kalkbrenner, Chicane, Hans Zimmer, Lemon Jelly and Orbital.

I’ve started making music back in the golden 1990s, when electronic music was on it’s creative peak. I took my first producing steps with a program called “ReBirth” from a swedish company called “Propellerheads”, which had nothing to do with an electronic act with the same name. They’ve changed their name to “Reason Studios” a a few years ago. Some of the tracks from those early days can be found on “Pader-City Beats”, my second album.

My first album “The Lagomorpha Experience” was released in 2006 and contained the track “Skyline”, which became very popular as background track in many YouTube-Videos.

The second album, “Pader-City Beats“, contained a lot of older tracks which have been written before “The Lagomorpha Experience”. For example “Oooh Yeah! Y2K (Extended Version)”, which was one of the first tracks I ever wrote with “Propellerheads ReBirth”. Fun Fact: The original title of this track was “Alligator”, which was named after an Episode of the TV-Show “Remington Steele”. Such a great show!

Album number three, “Dear Diary“, is definitely my most personal album so far. It features tracks about loneliness, a trip to Asia, the death and beloved people. It was written in just a few months.

Ride On“, album number four from 2013, became my most successful album so far: It was nominated 2014 in the “Dance/Electronica Album Category” in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards. And it was a real step forward in music making for me. After “Dear Diary”, which sounded more like a collection of independent tracks, “Ride On” sounded like a real album. Fun Fact: The album is called “Ride On”, because it was completely written and produced while riding on a train. And I still love every single track on this album. For me, it’s my “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory”.

My latest album is “Epsilon“, which was released christmas 2018. Not the best day to release an album, but it was meant as christmas gift for my fans. “Epsilon” took a long time to finish, because of a computer crash and some other technical problems. The music was finished in 2016, but it took two years to mix and master it. But now it’s here and I hope you’ll like it!


Not Enough Tracks For An Album EP
Ride On
Dear Diary
The Lagomorpha Experience
Pader-City Beats


Cover "Sleep" (my first track with binaural beats)
20. April 2021


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