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Clean out bookmarks

I am in the process of cleaning up my bookmarks. Over the years, a whole bunch of duplicates have accumulated there, making my bookmarks pretty much useless. I just can’t find anything anymore. So I’m sorting out the duplicates right now. For this I use the Chrome extension “Bookmarks clean up“. It’s a very handy tool, but with a bit few settings, so that in the end there’s still a lot of manual work left.

A journey through time with bookmarks

But the advantage is: browsing through all the bookmarks I created ten or more years ago is like going back in time. To see which topics used to be important to me and especially which pages used to exist. Because many of the URLs still exist. But the pages behind them are completely different. And partly the pages are actually still there: Be it the old state from a few years ago or actually with current content. For example, there are blogs that are more than ten years old, but are still maintained today.

Like an old diary

The whole thing reminds me a bit of leafing through an old diary. In the last few years, I’ve pretty much stopped bookmarking. I figured that in a time when search engines are getting better and better, I hardly ever look in anyway, and that bookmarks are no longer needed when you can also find what you’re looking for faster with a simple Google search. But maybe I should change that again. Maybe I should bookmark more again, so that in a few years I can remember what is important to me today and how the internet was in 2023.

2023-03-09, Lagomorpha