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Using AI to remove voices

I came across a plugin called “GOYO Voice Separator” by chance. Thanks to AI, it promises to be able to extract the voice from any audio file with only three controls – be it to turn a song with vocals into an instrumental or to add other background music to the voice. And voice recorded with background noise such as reverb or underground noise should also be able to be used clean.

Practical test

Of course, this sounds great in the demos on the website, but in the practical test Goyo could not keep its promises. In the channel with the voice, you can often still hear parts of the musical instrument, the voice just tears off at the end of a sentence when it gets a little quieter. In addition, it sounds “frayed”.


All in all, a nice toy that can certainly deliver useful results with one or the other audio, but unfortunately nothing more. If you want to check it out for yourself: the tool is available for free in the beta version.