Lagomorpha is an electronic music artist from Germany. Styles: Electronica, Techno and Trance. You can find my music on SpotifyApple MusicBandcampYouTube and SoundCloud

The last day

A new year – a new song. I used the last day of 2022 to finally write a new song. The title, however, is not very original: “The last day”. It has become a relatively dark techno track. The idea was to capture the feeling at the end of a really exhausting year. And 2022 was really not easy. The result is this track, which I will soon upload to after a long Patreon break. By the way, I was inactive for so long that Patreon had already shut down my page… Well, I only have one paying follower there (thanks, Chris!). Even if you have probably long forgotten that by now…), but no wonder – if you do nothing for the platform. So now I’m trying to revive my page there. If it stays at one follower until the end of the year, I’ll probably just let it go. Anyway, there will be new music soon! Rejoice! Yeah!